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Jobs for WordPress is a WordPress plugin for easily adding job postings to your company’s website in a structured way. While you can comfortably create and manage job postings in a very user-friendly way, they are also automatically structured with Thus, they are technically easy to read for Google and have a high chance of being displayed and ranked well in search results and you can save expensive postings on job platforms.


  • Add, manage and categorize job listings using the familiar WordPress UI
  • Adjust styles of the job postings to your needs with live preview under settings
  • Preview of your job listing before it goes live – the preview matches the appearance of a live job listing
  • The job listings are automatically formatted with structured data or Markup with JSON-LD or Microdata
  • Job postings are easy to implement via shortcodes or PHP function
  • Job postings can be saved in PDF format
  • Each listing can be customized with drag-and-drop – in terms of modules, structure, paragraph namings and order etc.
  • Applications can be easily clustered and filtered for a comfortable navigation
  • Each listing can be tied to a particular application recipient / e-mail address
  • Developer friendly — Custom Post Types, Single job template, a lot of hooks and filters implemented.

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  1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use [job-postings] to print jobs listing


FAQs on how to work with the plugin and where to change settings can be found within the plugin in the section Settings > Help.

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use [job-postings] to print jobs listing


Amazing simple and useful!

Thanks, Blueglass, especially Gleb for this plugin!

Easy, simple, good design and very useful for me.

Hope, you continue to develop this plugin.

nothing shows on screen

Nothing is displayed on screen. Posted jobs many times with this plug in but always ended up with blank screen.
what the plugin is doing is making the script part only and nothing to display on page.
i’m using schema theme by MTS You can check my website Jobs
i have removed all the jobs i tried to post with this plugin..
and 1 more thing google structured data testing tool is giving 6 warnings and there is no place to add these values in your plugin options.
Here are the warnings:
postalCode The postalCode field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
streetAddress The streetAddress field is recommended. Please provide a value if available
educationRequirements The educationRequirements field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
experienceRequirements The experienceRequirements field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
skills The skills field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
validThrough The validThrough field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.

Great functionality

Thanks for putting this together! It will hopefully add to our SEO capability and findability.

Extremely timely support by developers. Well done, guys!

Professional, helpful support! Great plugin!

I am running a recruitment agency! I was searching a plugin for my job listing, and I am very happy to find this plugin becouse it is very easy to use and looks nice 😉
The support is GREEEEEEAT, very fast response, immadiatly update the plugin after my question. 🙂 keep going guys 😉

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  • Fixed issue that caused sending of multiple submitions when clicked on submit multiple times.


  • Added category selector for the listing. Use [job-postings showcategory= »true » aligncategory= »left »] for showing categories above lthe list.
  • Added shortcode parameters.
  • Updated PDF output.
  • Fixed some styling issues that appeared on some theme’s


  • Fix for saving pdf on iOS and macOS Safari.


  • Position details display issue fixed.


  • Added button and box roundnes option to the styles settings.
  • Added « Custom CSS » area to styles settings, for adding any custom css you need.


  • Added « Styles settings » with live preview. Collors now can be adapted to your needs easily.


  • Readme update.


  • Readme update.


  • Added plugin version to the css and js files to force update cache.


  • CSS typo fix.


  • Added max width for job post. As appeared fullwidth on some themes.


  • Currency symbol positioning fixed


  • Modal appearance fixed


  • Added Base Salary range.
  • Loading glitches and short appearing of submit form fixed now.
  • New filter added « job-postings/salary-range-separator ». To change separater to any desired, if needed.


  • Address field includes now includes « addressLocality », « addressRegion », « postalCode » and « streetAddress ». Also shows more details on front end.
  • Added « validThrough » field.
  • Added « experienceRequirements », « educationRequirements » and « skills » fields.
  • Improved Attachment field.
  • Added option to replace submit button with « offer ended » text.


  • Added message that visible when no job offers available. Can be changed in settings
  • Some styling improvements


  • Fixed language association from WPML


  • Added default notification email to plugin settings
  • Added permalink slug to plugin settings


  • Some CSS fixes


  • JSON-LD Updated


  • Enqueueing jQuery


  • Fix for file upload field. Now shows file name propperly


  • Fixed listing shortcode, now printing positions in the right place


  • Added ‘jobs-listing/grid_class’ filter for changing grid classes of the listing element.


  • Added ‘job-entry/after_submit’ action for third party software integration and forwarding of submited data.
  • Added new field « Button ». You can use it for linking job position to third party job listing site or for adding CTA button to you ad.
  • Added ‘job-entry/notification’ and ‘job-entry/notification_{POST_ID_HERE}’ filter for disabling email notification for all or some specific ad’s


Entry search update


Initial release