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3 septembre 2016
The app works fairly smooth. Product listing is easy and I love the categories and how easy those work. Only downside from what I can see is the way the thumbnails dont have any separation between them. I dont care too much for the color of the hover link, not sure if I can change that or not. I do like that you can add lots of options. Many plug ins that Ive seen charge you extra to have that feature and I do appreciate that this was part of this plug in. I do wish the product page where you have ALL of the items shown were a tad larger. The images are so small. I dont quite like how the roll over option looks, so I prefer the static image instead, but its just way too small I can barely tell what the item is. If that feature was fixed so I could adjust the size of the thumb nails, I would give you a higher rating... Thanks...
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