Simple Log Viewer


A simple plugin to log errors in real time in a metabox in the admin panel, too integrated with WP-CLI.

For the run command with WP-CLI is necessary to activate the plugin and install WP-CLI.

When running, paste the command wp slvpl logs-erros into the terminal, by default the number of lines is 1000 but you can control the number of lines through the --num_linhas parameter

For the example: wp slvpl logs-erros [--num_linhas=<num_linhas>] or
better in the example wp slvpl logs-erros --num_linhas=100.

Captures d’écran

  • View logs in metabox
  • Settings page for enable WP_DEBUG and clear logs


  1. Upload \»simple-log-viewer.php\» to the \»/wp-content/plugins/\» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \»Plugins\» menu in WordPress.
  3. Activate WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php


Is the plugin free?

Yes, it always will be, we are open to the open source community.

How do I contribute to plugin improvements?

Send an email to with subject contribute to Simple Log Viewer containing your github user in the subject, after acceptance create an issue, perform a fork, after adding the new feature make a pull request , for approval.


7 mai 2024
Constantemente temos erros que precisamos ficar vasculhando, esse tipo de solução nos um ótimo suporte. Um ótimo avanço pra essa ferramenta seria conseguirmos mapear alguns tipos de erros e ser notificados, temos as vezes casos de sites que ficam dias fora do ar até alguém perceber e notificar, receber um email por exemplo desse tipo de erro poderia melhorar o suporte, ainda mais quando o site faz vendas.
23 avril 2024 2 replies
Thanks for this plugin. I was looking for something simple just to deal with some error message. But without the need to install a plugin that has many features. Simple and direct. I hope for more plugins with a simpler approach. Thanks, nice work.
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Historique des changements

Path Version
1.0.4 – Add WP-CLI integration
1.0.3 – Bug fix: the option to activate WP_DEBUG was forcing activation even if the checkbox was unchecked
1.0.2 – Correction in the directory structure to save log directory for uploads
1.0.1 – internationalization and support WP_DEBUG enable in pannel settings
Version Beta
1.0.0 Pre release
Develop version
0.0.1 Initial release

Refactor code version – Refactor code to improve performance and better maintenance
Security path version – Fix security issue, permission public acess endpoint errors changed for proteged route