WooCommerce Cancel Abandoned Order


WooCommerce Cancel Abandoned Order vous permet d’ajouter une petite option qui s’occupera des commandes « abandonnées ».

Si vous avez par exemple des commandes avec paiement par chèque ou virement bancaire, vous pourrez définir un nombre maximum de jours ou d’heures pour recevoir le paiement.

WooCommerce Cancel Abandoned Order, prendra soin de vérifier cela et changer le statut de la commande à « Annuler » si vous n’avez pas reçu le paiement à temps.

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  • PHP minimal : 7.0
  • WordPress minimal : 4.0
  • WooCommerce minimal : 2.2



  • woo_cao_cancel_order ($order_id) : After cancel order.


  • woo_cao-gateways : Ajoute une passerelle de paiement pour le contrôle.
  • woo_cao_before_cancel_order : Before canceling the order, send the order_id and the WC_Order if you do not want to cancel this order. Expect an exact return of true.
  • woo_cao_message_cancel_order : Allows you to modify the note when canceling the order. Handy if you use the ‘woo_cao_before_cancel_order’ filter.
  • woo_cao_date_order ($old_date, $gateway, $mode) : Change the calculation date for pending orders.
  • woo_cao_default_hours : Default value of the number of hours for order processing.
  • woo_cao-default_days : Valeur par défaut du nombre de jours pour le traitement de la commande.
  • woo_cao_statustocancel ($status) : Allows you to add or change which WooCommerce order status the plugin should cancel.



Cette section décrit comment installer l’extension et la faire fonctionner.

  1. Téléversez les fichiers de l’extension dans le répertoire /wp-content/plugins/woo-cancel-abandoned-order, ou installez l’extension via l’écran d’installations des extensions de WordPress.
  2. Activer l’extension via l’écran ‘Extensions’ dans WordPress
  3. Par défaut, vous pouvez contrôler les commandes sur les passerelles de paiement : paiement par chèque et virement bancaire. Allez dans les options des pages de paiement sur WooCommerce.

To add another payment gateway, simply use the woo_cao_gateways filters, more information on the Wiki


Does this plugin use Action Scheduler

Yes we have started the migration to Action Scheduler (recurring action) since version 1.9.0

Que fait l’extension ?

Depending on the options defined in the payment gateway options page, the system will cancel orders whose payments have not been received.


You can cancel orders in hours or days.
For example, if I put the mode « Hourly », I can cancel orders pending after 2 hours.
Another example, in mode « Daily », I can cancel orders that I have not received payment within 7 days.

The execution of the cleaning is done like this:
Mode « Hourly »: every hour to 00 minutes
Mode « Daily »: every day at 0:00

Since version 1.9.0, the action is no longer executed at XXh00. Refer to the « Scheduled Actions » tab of the « Status » page of WooCommerce.

I would like to cancel orders pending payment

Follow the tutorial here to change the status of orders to cancel. By default the « on-hold » commands are canceled.

Je veux faire des suggestions

Nous sommes heureux que vous souhaitiez nous aider à améliorer WooCommerce Cancel Abandoned Order !
Le dépôt GIT est disponible ici https://github.com/rvola/woo-cancel-abandoned-order


30 janvier 2023 1 reply
This is a must have for shops with digital products. If the payment doesn't go through, no need to make it complicated. Cancel it and let the customer try again. Great to have this. Thank you
9 mars 2022
Thanks, the filters to add custom parameters is fine. Just need a option for any canceled order (without type of payment)
1 août 2021 2 replies
First review because I really like this plugin. It is straightforward and works like a charm. Glad that the creator included guides on Github Wiki. Minimal editing is required. It's a pity that some comments have driven the creator to stop support. I do still hope that this remains updated and compatible. 🙂 If the creator does read this, I have two questions that I wish to understand. 1) If I were to put 24hrs daily to cancel, from when does it start activating the countdown? 2) Is it possible to change the status to 'Failed' instead of 'Cancelled'? In any case, just want to say GREAT JOB ON THIS PLUGIN!
9 mai 2021 1 reply
This is what I mean by an elegant solution, Great job !
9 avril 2021 2 replies
It maybe works, but as it does not have an interface nor guide how to use it for us idiots, I can not use it.
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