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Event Manager, Events Calendar, Tickets, Registrations – Eventin

Event Manager, Events Calendar, Tickets, Registrations – Eventin


Struggling to run your events? Meet an Action-Packed Event Manager Plugin for creating and selling 10x event tickets on WordPress, all powered by AI 🤖.

🚨 Eventin is the #1 robust event manager plugin with a smooth event calendar, event booking, registrations, and listings where you can manage event RSVP and sell event tickets in just a few clicks. 🚀

Now supercharge your events and enjoy managing the event calendar with Eventin event manager plugin. Whether you run live or virtual events, This WordPress event organizer is your all-in-one event plugin to manage 📅 event calendar, 📝 Event RSVP, 🧠 event planning, 📃 event listing, 📇 event registrations, 🔁 recurring events, 🉐 QR code and 🎫 tickets – faster than wind. Eventin lets you create and manage an event list the way you want, sell event tickets on a whim, help your attendees book your event, and turn your events into a big revenue-maker. 🚀

🧠 All the **useful event management and events list tutorials + Demo here 👇**

Live Demo || Documentation || Roadmaps || Buy Pro || Ready Theme

Need help setting up your Event Calendar Website? 👉 Let Us Know.

Who is Eventin Event Manager Plugin For? 🚨

📣 Event Organizers
💪 Live and Virtual Event Planners
🎭 Agency Owners
💻 Digital Marketers
🎨 Theme Developers
🤝 Meetup Hosts
🧢 Training Professionals
📚 Online Tutors
🎸 Music Trainers
🧩 Conference Event Organizers
………and many more. 🙌

Discover How to Create Multiple Events in a few seconds with Eventin Pro Events Planner:

Manage Event Calendar and Sell Event Tickets with Eventin Event Manager & Ticket Plugin – Fully compatible with [WordPress].

⚡ Experience The Easiest Event Management Plugin: Eventin for WordPress

Planning events 🧠 is nothing but a breeze with Eventin! This powerful WordPress event booking plugin simplifies everything from creating events to managing attendees, saving you valuable time and resources. This ⚡ event manager plugin will make event management, selling event tickets, event registration, event RSVP and event booking WordPress easier rather than doing the grunt work!

🤝 Craft Engaging Events:

  • Single or Multiple Events: Schedule one-time events or set multiple events for days, weeks, months, or years. Create an event template and put it on repeat for effortless management of similar events.

  • Event Lists & Calendar: Showcase upcoming events with customizable lists that highlight the key details. Integrate seamlessly with Elementor for further customization options.

  • Informative Event Pages: Display real-time event information, countdowns, speaker details, and even embed videos using YouTube for attendees.

⚡ More Free Awesome Features to Turbo-Charge Your Events:

  • Comprehensive Speaker Profiles: Create detailed profiles for your event speakers, including descriptions, pictures, social media links, and company logos.

  • Multiple Language Support: Cater to a global audience with RTL language support, ensuring a smooth user experience for everyone, regardless of the language.

  • WooCommerce Integration: Simplify the event ticket purchase process by integrating with WooCommerce, your favorite e-commerce platform.

Eventin empowers you to create professional and engaging live, virtual or hybrid events with a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of features.

✨ Key Features in the short-list (in case you couldn’t read):

✅ Create single or multiple events
✅ Display event lists and a user-friendly calendar
✅ Informative event pages with real-time information
✅ Easy speaker profiles with pictures, social links, and company logos
✅ Streamlined RSVP system with analytical reports
✅ money-grabbing ticket system with attendee tickets and QR codes.
✅ Seamless Zoom integration
✅ Multiple language support
✅ Frontend event submission
✅ User role management
✅ Detailed attendee reports
✅ WooCommerce integration

🚨 [Eventin PRO](https://themewinter.com/eventin/#ts-pricing-list/): Everything You Need in an All-in-One Event Management for WordPress

🎯 Manage Events & RSVP:

  • ✨Event RSVP: Allow attendees to RSVP for events directly through your website. Track responses and generate analytical reports to understand attendee demographics and interests.

  • 🤖 Eventin AI: Integrated with OpenAI, Eventin lets you create an event much faster than any other event manager plugin. All you have to do is give the prompt of your event details and see it done in seconds.

  • 🎨 Visual Seat Arrangement: Plan out the floor map of your event faster and sell tickets on each seat using visual seat arrangement integration by WP Timetics.

  • 📅 All-Sync Calendar: Stay on track & updated with all the upcoming events with the All-Sync calendar on your dashboard.

  • 🔍 QR Code: Make an easy event registration experience with a QR code. Scan tickets of your attendees in just a few seconds.

  • 🔁 Recurring Events: Stop wasting time creating the same WP events manually and create recurring events in just 10 clicks!

  • 🏆 Certificate Builder: Reward attendees with PDF certificates effortlessly and make your online events even more interesting.

  • 💰 Multi-Tiered Tickets: Never miss a single seat to sell using multi-tiered tickets like VIP, Gold, etc. or sell the tickets in bulk.

  • 🏢 Multivendor Event Marketplace: Build your dream multivendor event marketplace with Dokan integration. Grow more sales with an on-premise platform.

🚀 Super-Fast PRO Features to 10x Grow Your Events:

  • 🔠 Multiple Language Support: Cater to a global audience with RTL language support, ensuring a smooth user experience for everyone.

  • 🎪 Frontend Event Submission: Empower attendees to book events directly on your website, saving them time and streamlining the process.

  • 💻 Data Import & Export: Effortlessly migrate your event data between Eventin and other platforms using the import and export functionalities. This ensures a smooth transition and simplifies data management.

  • 📈 Event Analytics (PRO): Gain valuable insights into your event’s performance with comprehensive event analytics. Track key metrics like registrations, ticket sales, attendee demographics, and more to optimize future events.

  • ⏰ Event Reminders: Schedule automated email or SMS reminders to keep attendees informed and engaged. Reduce no-shows and ensure a successful event turnout.

🎭 Additional Features to Supercharge Your Events:

  • 🎨 10+ Multi-Event Widgets: Design your event page with more event details using various widgets.

  • 🎨 5+ Speaker Widgets: Create attractive attendee speaker pages.

  • 🎨 3+ Single Event Widgets: Spend less time designing your event organizer page with dedicated widgets.

  • 🔍 Filter Events by Tag Name (Elementor widget): Add event filtering based on tag names using the Elementor widget.

  • 🔔 Reminder/ Notification about Upcoming Events: Remind attendees and users of upcoming events with reminder notifications so they never miss a single event.

  • Detailed Attendee Reports: Track attendee details, registration status, and ticket purchases to gain valuable insights and improve future events.

  • 👔 User Role Management: Assign specific user roles for event creation, ticket sales, QR code scanning, and manual attendee registration for secure event management.

  • ❓ Add Unlimited F.A.Q. to an Event: Answer common questions for your events list by adding unlimited FAQs for each event.

  • 🎉 Event Banner Option with Color or Custom Image: Customize your event page with a custom banner image or color that matches your event theme.

  • 📜 Print Event Invoices: Easily print invoices for event attendees.

  • ✅ Unified Ticketing System: Simplify event ticketing with a unified ticketing system.

  • 📝 Update Attendee Data: Allow attendees to update their information post-ticket purchase.

  • 👑 Personalized Email Notifications: Send personalized email notifications to event participants.

  • 🙌 Event Attendee Report: Gain insights into event performance with comprehensive attendee reporting.

  • 🙋‍♂️ Attendee Personal Details: Empower attendees to maintain accurate information.

  • ➰ Multi-Repeater Scheduling: Craft captivating event experiences with trendy, multi-repeater scheduling.

  • ⏰ Show Event Timer on Single Event Registration Page Banner: Add a countdown event timer to your event page for users to easily determine how much time is left before the event begins.

  • 📌 Multiple Event Templates: Choose from a series of professional templates to find the perfect match for your events.

  • 🔰 Show Event Attendees on the Event Details Page: Let attendees know who is attending the event with an attendee list on the event details page.

  • 🌀 Generate & Show Unique IDs on Event Tickets & Reports for Attendees: Keep track of your event attendees with unique ticket IDs that appear on attendee tickets and reports.

  • 📈 View / Export Attendee Report as CSV or JSON: Get your attendee reports in CSV or JSON format to manage event attendees.

  • ✨ Unlimited Extra Fields for Attendee Registration Form: Add unlimited fields for attendee registration forms and check attendee submissions by exporting data as CSV reports.

🔗 Power-Packed Integrations to Help You Make Better Events:

  • 📧 SureTrigger Integration: Boost efficiency with automated workflows, and personalize the attendee experience at your events with SureTrigger integration.

  • 🎥 Zoom Integration: Skyrocket the virtual/hybrid event management experience with seamless Zoom integration.

  • 📅 iCal + Outlook + Google Calendar Integration: Sync events with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook for easy event management.

  • 🤝 BuddyBoss Integration: Create your course community with your event attendees with just a few clicks using the BuddyBoss integration.

  • 🎨 Divi Builder Integration: Build a visually pleasing event management website with ease using Divi integration.

  • 📈 Pabbly Integration: Seamlessly integrate Pabbly for smooth data flow between events.

  • 📧 FluentCRM Integration: Put Email Marketing into your event planner strategy with FluentCRM integration for effortless planning, sending, and automating email marketing campaigns.

  • 📐 Groundhogg Integration: Automate and grow email marketing campaigns that will grow revenue from your WordPress events and help you sell more tickets.

  • 🤝 BuddyBoss Integration: Create your own online event community with BuddyBoss integration.

  • 📣 Twilio Integration: Improve communication with attendees using Twilio integration.

  • 📈 Zapier Integration: Enhance workflow automation with Zapier integration.

🔥 So, What’s Next?

If you’re impressed with Eventin: WordPress Event Manager Plugin, please check out our other awesome WordPress plugins:

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If you’re interested, visit ThemeWinter to learn more about WordPress scheduling, event management, and lots of marketing Tips & Tricks! 🎉

📅 Try Eventin Today, and sell event tickets like a money-printer! 🚀

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  • Eventin General Settings
  • Event Settings
  • Integration Option
  • Webhook Option
  • Purchase Report
  • Event Ticket
  • Event QR Code Scanner
  • Attendee Lists
  • Frontend Dashboard
  • Frontend Event Submission Form
  • Frontend Speaker Lists
  • Frontend Speaker Submission Form
  • Shortcodes


Cette extension offre 5 blocs.

  • Speaker List
  • Event List
  • Event Calendar Classic
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Schedule Tab


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> Eventin

eg. This plugin requires Woocommerce to use all functionality.


Do you have an Event RSVP available?

Yes, we do! Eventin offers an RSVP solution to send your attendees a customizable response form to respond to your events immediately.

Do you have any features to design event seat arrangements?

Absolutely! Eventin has a seat arrangement feature, integrated with our very own brainchild, WP Timetics. You can easily use this drag-n-drop visual seat map builder to draw your event venue, design seating arrangements and put ticket pricing on each seat based on different categories like VIP, GOLD, PLATINUM, etc.

Do you support all kinds of payments?

Of course! Since Eventin has integrated with WooCommerce, you can access to all popular payment methods on WooCommerce including Stripe and PayPal.

Does it support multi-language?

Eventin supports multi-language on your WordPress site with WPML compatibility. You can translate to any language on Eventin.

Does Eventin have any page builder compatibility?

Yes, Eventin has tons of compatibility with popular page builders like Divi, Bricks Builder, Astra, etc. 💻 If you have more questions about Page builder compatibility, simply reach us on the ThemeWinter Support and we will respond immediately! 🤝

Tell me more about Eventin Free vs. Pro

You will do great events with the Free version. However, we recommend using Eventin Pro to give you the best possible outcomes for your events. 💪 You can use Multi-tiered tickets, put QR codes to scan tickets, use multiple templates for speakers, send RSVP forms to attendees, and even import & export all event data in CSV/JSON format and integrate with popular tools to make a greater event on PRO version. 💸

How do I sell tickets to events on my event calendar?

The Visual seat arrangement feature makes it easier to sell your tickets at events. 🎨 You can simply design the floor map and then put ticket pricing on each seat and different ticket categories to sell premium commodities and even sell swags & goodies at your events.

I have a feature idea. How can I share this with you guys?

Great! We would love to take ideas from you. Simply reach us on ThemeWinter Roadmap and share your great ideas there, we will be sure to publish it for the world to see. 🙏

Does Eventin have a QR scanner to verify your attendees on tickets?

Yes, Eventin offers a unique QR scanner solution to scan all the single/bulk tickets at once and save tons of time during event registration. Learn more about QR scanners on Eventin.


19 juin 2024 1 reply
Installed the plugin and go with the pro. I had some issue but the support is amazing. Solved my problem.
11 juin 2024 1 reply
Really like that this event system allows us to customize and add code to it if needed. We had a very specific piece of event software we needed to build out and EventIN was the only system we found that allowed us to do the customizations needed.
8 juin 2024 1 reply
I’m playing around with Eventin for a client that has a small budget and was facing an issue with timed display in Events list. I got a very quick reply with helpful information and further help as I couln’t handle the changes myself Many thanks,
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Historique des changements

= 3.3.57 ( May 20, 2024 )=
Fix : Total ticket quantity couldn’t sync
Fix : On multiple add to cart event price couldn’t update

= 3.3.56 ( May 12, 2024 )=
Fix: On add to cart, event price set to zero when attendee registration is disabled

= 3.3.55 ( May 09, 2024 )=
Fix: Throws a fatal error when Woocommerce is inactive

= 3.3.54 ( May 06, 2024 )=
Fix: Issue on show recurring child and parent events on calendar
Fix: Sort events by times on Event Free Calednar
Fix: Ticket price can modify by third party

= 3.3.53 ( March 12, 2024 )=
Tweak : Core functionality updated for AI integration.
Fix : Vulnerable issue is fixed

= 3.3.52 ( February 27, 2024 )=
Fix : Event end date not showing in event ticket issue fixed.
Fix : Optimized flush rewrite rules
New : Eventin AI intregation

= 3.3.51 ( February 08, 2024 )=
Tweak : All the calendar widgets and shortcodes are optimized for better design and performance.
Fix : Default timezone set for event meta value.

= 3.3.50 ( February 05, 2024 )=
Fix : Nonce verification issue.

= 3.3.49 ( January 24, 2024 )=
Fix : Advanced search existing location issue.
Fix : Added email sending for each attendee.
Fix : Attendee export checkbox, radio, date field with correct value.
Fix : Show in dashboard removed for single event.
Fix : Warning message for ticket quantity validation.
Fix : Disable purchase ticket widget submit button on form submission.
Fix : Stripe popup not working for 500 admin-ajax error
Fix : Front-End dashboard FQA content max length issue fixed.
Fix : Same attendee data for all certificate issue fixed.

= 3.3.48 ( January 11, 2024 )=
Fix : Settings couldn’t loaded.

= 3.3.47 ( January 10, 2024 )=
Fix: Attendee data table not showing in WooCommerce order issue fixed
Fix: Registration deadline issue fixed
Fix: Event details showing in WooCommerce product order issue fixed.
Fix: My account page not showing purchased event data issue fixed.
Fix: Incorrect seat numbers printed on tickets.
Tweak: UX improvement on shortcode section.
Tweak: Privacy protection on third party integration.

= 3.3.46 ( January 02, 2024 )=
New : Event import in CSV.
New : Event import in JSON.
New : Attendee import in CSV.
New : Attendee import in JSON.
New : Added bulk action for export/import attendee.
Fix : After importing event ticket remaining status was wrong.
Fix : The problem with 24-hour support in the Event calendar widget has been fixed.
Fix : Couldn’t import and export event existing location.
Fix : Couldn’t convert html entity as html code on RSVP confirmation email body.

= 3.3.45 ( December 12, 2023 )=
New : Event export in CSV Format
New : Event export in JSON Format.
New : Schedule export in CSV Format.
New : Schedule export in JSON Format.
New : Speaker export in CSV Format.
New : Speaker export in JSON Format.
New : Schedule import in CSV Format.
New : Schedule import in JSON Format.
New : Speaker import in CSV Format.
New : Speaker import in JSON Format.
New : Attendee export in CSV Format.
New : Attendee export in JSON Format.
New : New Twitter icon (X) added in the icon picker.
Fix : Api authorization/vulnerable issue.
Fix : Speaker template design issue fixed.
Fix : Remove meta image button issue fixed.
Tweak : Eventin onboarding experience improved.
Tweak : Eventin dashboard design improved.

= 3.3.44 ( November 28, 2023 )=
Tweak : Added post author on recurring event
Tweak : Added event type on event list
Tweak : Added support for user base create and search schedule api
Fix : Order details url couldn’t working
Fix : Custom field warning issue for certain event
Fix : Event status fix in Event list
Fix : Speaker couldn’t delete on api
Fix : Event status fix in Event list
Fix : Woo product quantity conflict with event product in checkout page
Fix : Non event product warning issue
Fix : Woocommerce latest version compatibility with eventin

= 3.3.43 ( November 14, 2023 )=
Tweak : Unit price showing in cart details
Fix : Zoom issue for Timezone
Fix : Expire event date issue
Fix : tickets availability issue fixed
Fix : location issue fixing in Events widgets
Fix : Location widget issue fixed in Advanced search widget
Fix : Free events widget location issue fixed
Fix : WordPress 6.4 compatibility
Fix : Ticket count showing wrong value
Fix : Don’t calculate all purchase revenue
Fix : Couldn’t show order id on purchase report
Fix : Couldn’t send attendee email

= 3.3.42 ( Oct 28, 2023 )=
Tweak : PHP script optimization

= 3.3.41 ( Oct 25, 2023 )=
Fix : Event timezone fix
Fix : Recurring event price issue
Fix : Order again button pricing issue
Fix : Gutenberg header footer compatibility

= 3.3.40 ( Oct 22, 2023 )=
Fix : Calendar rendering from shortcode
Fix : Outlook calendar data mismatch
Fix : Decimal operator issue fixed
Fix : Related post waring issue fixed
Fix : HTTP API Calls issue fixed

= 3.3.39 ( Oct 10, 2023 )=
Tweak : Improved PHP 8 Support
Fix : Filter sanitize issue resolved
New : Archive event page sorting ASC/DESC option addition
New : Event calendar WPML support
Fix : Show only selected category listed events on the calendar
Tweak : disable ‘Undo’ option after removing item from cart

= 3.3.38 ( Sept 24, 2023 )=
Fix : Pro version checking issue resolved
Fix : Removed pro condition for divi add-ons installation

= 3.3.37 ( Sept 18, 2023 )=
Tweak : Admin Settings UX update
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update

= 3.3.36 ( Aug 30, 2023 )=
Fix: The seat plan module activation issue has been resolved.
Fix: The issue with single event social link icons showing doubtfully has been resolved.
Fix: After adding a new attendee from a manual attendee, the deprecation issues have been fixed.

= 3.3.35 ( Aug 16, 2023 )=
Tweak : Eventin onboarding system optimized
Tweak : PHP script optimization

= 3.3.34 ( July 27, 2023 )=
Tweak : PHP script optimization
Fix : Attendee remove issue fixed with woocommerce product remove from cart page
Fix : WordPress compatibility improvement

= 3.3.33 ( July 23, 2023 )=
Fix : WooCommerce cart item remove issue.

3.3.32 ( June 25, 2023 )

New : Apple Pay and Google Pay payment support using the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
Tweak : Option given for the custom amount of related events showing in the event single page.
Fix : Event location is not showing on the event single page issue fixed.
Fix : Non-Latin language to PDF ticket generation issue fixed.

= 3.3.31 ( June 08, 2023 )=
Fix : Remove all attendee when remove item from woocommerce cart

= 3.3.30 ( June 06, 2023 )=
Fix : Event total revenue not working issue

= 3.3.29 ( June 01, 2023 )=
Fix : Event stock limit issue fix

= 3.3.28 ( May 31, 2023 )=
Tweak : Zoom module authentication process update
Tweak : Event ticket count updated in ticket purchase system
Tweak : Speaker details allowed formatted descriptions
Tweak : Disable ticket scanner text updated
Fix : Ticket filtering by used/unused
Fix : Unrecognizable recurring event in RSVP invitation
Fix : Schedule time format fix
Fix : Dokan vendor event ticket limit , min and max quantity fix
Fix : Attendee form Required field not working

= 3.3.27 ( May 09, 2023 )=
Fix : Event deadline issue fix

  • Fixed Mobile Menu issue


  • Updated Readme file and Screenshot